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So me and my girl got into. I had cussed her out she said she was hurt deeply. said she hated me.... So i went 2weeks with NC. while early this morning she asked a friend if i still had the same number i told him to say yes. Iwanted to see what she wanted to say, she just said "I havent heard from you in a while, just making sure you wasnt dead" i replied..I want to talk to her about everything should i.... was me repling the best thing to do. what is trying to say.

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Well, obviously she still cares enough to find out if you're alright. I think it could be a lead into a reconciliation.


You should reply to her something like, "Yeah I'm fine, thanks for asking. How have you been?"


She'll reply something like fine or bad or whatever, and you respond appropriately with "Oh that's good " or "Oh no, that sucks and then tack on a "Maybe if you're free sometime this week we could go for coffee/lunch/dinner (pick one obviously, don't write all three)"


That way you're not being too quick in saying you want to meet up, but you are letting her know what's on your mind. Don't mention the incident.


If she agrees you can talk about it with her while you're out. Apologize for swearing at her, and promise that you will never swear at her again. And then keep that promise, so you're going to have to work hard if you want the relationship to work. Tell her how it made you feel when she said she hated you. Don't get angry or worked up during the conversation though. Ask her if she would be willing to work out the problems in your relationship and continue dating. If she says yes, then great, and if she says no, then that's too bad but you have to let it go. The worst thing you could do it start pressuring her to change her mind.


If she doesn't agree to meet up with you, the same thing goes. Let it go, you've done all you can. If she wants to reconcile she will come to you, but don't bug her about it because it's just gonna flush any hope down the toilet.


Good Luck!

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