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Confused and tired of it


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Please read this and tell me if I have the right to be confused:


Okay, well... I was helping my mom get stuff around the house done this morning, and she was starting to make some fruit salad (that I asked her to make every week because the way she makes it is good). Well, I looked over and saw that she dumped the grapes in the sink.


In the middle of the grapes was the dirty sponge!


I freaked! I said "What the hell! I'm not eating that!" about 5 times in a row. My mom flipped out and said that she cleaned the sink out beforehand. Yeah, right. That's disgusting. I flipped out on her before for dumping green beans into the dirty sink before.


So, she flipped out on me, got my stepdad involved and started a huge fight. I just don't get it. Couldn't she have just said, "I know. It's gross, but it doesn't bother me, so if you want it done a certain way then make it yourself!"


No. She went off on a tangent about why she hates her life and said to me: "Stay away from me today or I am going to (f) kill you."


I don't get it. Yesterday we had fun shopping and got along great. We were supposed to even go to a crafts fair today.



What is her problem? I'm tired of our relationship being bipolar.

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You were out of line, in my opinion. If you ask someone to make something for you... you get it the way they make it. Gross? Yes. Requires yelling? No.


If you don't like the way she makes it (and that includes the dirty sponge) - make it yourself.


You really shouldn't have spoken to her like that, in my opinion (especially when she was doing something nice for you). Personally, I think you owe her an apology.

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