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Understanding men


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What indicates that a guy likes a girl? How can girls tell that a guy is interested, is there certain things they do face to face or texting that tells you instantly that they are flirting?


I know this guy and he is always texting me and putting smiley faces and calling me a dork and what not. I just want to know what that really means, if he is flirting or not. Thanks!


So please help me

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ditto, totally likes you


However! it doesn't have to mean anything... if he's not making a move there may be other obstacles - he may be involved with someone else or not interested in getting serious, some guys just like to flirt to satisfy their ego


i generally go by one rule: if i have any doubt at all - he doesn't like me enough... if a guy is serious about a girl it's obvoius to a blind dog

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