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Another Saturday Alone.


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I don't know where my relationship is heading anymore...


It all started last weekend when my boyfriend came home from a 12 hour shift.

His supervisor had called him but he didn't pick up his phone so she called my cellphone.

6 in the morning and I had no problem answering her question but when he comes home and I ask for a kiss its a problem? That morning I tried to cuddle with him and he wakes up with an attitude.

My day was ruined.

The whole day he can stand without telling me one word without bothering him. I'm a girl so of course that's going to bother me!

He tells me her's going to his mom to spent some time with his brother and sister.


Let me highlight there relationship for a second, you mind? Great!

According to him his relationship with her is s!%^. She doesn't want me over because her house is a mess. The only time I've been over is when she doesn't know. She spent's her money constantly and always asks him for some. She can't cook or wash his clothes and she's so called a "hood rat".

Now tell me does that sound like a man that loves hims mother?

So tell me now that that whole thing happen he wants to go live with her again.


Oh he was living with me, didn't I tell you?

I'll make it short don't worry.

She wanted money he didn't want to give it so he left.

See. That was short.

So for a month and a half he's been living with me and it's been great! Sex everyday, watching movies, sex and more sex. Perfect! But suddenly there's a change.

Trust me I've looked on him cheating but I've come up dry. No note of talking to ex's or any girl actually so what is this sudden disbelieve. He wants to take it slow. Be at his moms then with me. My family has already excepted him as my boyfriend so I don't get it.


Now my question is when a man ask you that he wants to take this slow after a fight what is the outcome?

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