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what are my chances i can be pregnant???


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so im kind of freaking out, i had a lot going on and turned to a friend ( a guy)...bad excuse i know...lol..well we ended up hooking up tonight and he knew i wasnt on the pill. he had no condom which was even more stupid on my part. he pulled out in time but what are the chances it could be "precum" and i got pregnant? usually my cycle lasts 27 28 days. i had my last period oct 2th-7th i should have ovulated around this time last week the 15th/16th. i should be getting my period this time next week...are my chances greater to be pregnant? i thought about the morning after pill but im sure there are side effects to taking it and i dont want to risk that...any advice? and i refuse to do abortion no matter what the situation is im just against that completely. so i guess its just pray im not having a kid in 9 months

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I second the morning after pill. If that doesn't work, and you don't believe in abortion, then it looks like you will be having an unwanted child in 9 months.


This is why it's so important to ALWAYS use at least one form of birth control. Pulling out doesn't count.

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