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Rebounds and new relationships

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I see that what he did really made the pain unbearable.

I saw you going around,posting threads,looking for answers....I've been there...and it's sad,really sad and I am here for you.


You might be asking yourself if you ever meant anything to him,if the relationship was a joke ,why did he do this to you....and all that crap...


You need to exit the picture right away and ask yourself if you really want to let him control your life?Because that's what's happening right now...You are wasting too much energy,lost yourself in confusion too many times. And at the moment-you are not being able to embrace your life.


These are not the right questions. The answers won't bring you peace or they won't make you feel better about yourself. The real questions you need to ask are all about yourself and your future. And how to move on and become a well-rounded person who won't let this jerkelicios kind of guy ruin her day.

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Most of the time they do anything to try to get there mind off of the other person. If it means finding someone else, they'll do it. Almost never do rebounds work out. Its just someone there to patronize them and to help forgetting about the other person. The dumper gets caught up in the moment and really doesn't think and just does stuff.


Rebounds are so ridiculous. You would think people would be smart enough, but there not.


I'm kinda going through the same thing with my ex and a possible rebound. It sucks, but you just have to keep truckin.

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The reality is that thinking about an ex doesn't necessarily translate into contacting the ex much less wanting to get back together with the ex- two different things. I am married to someone I got back together with after almost 8 years apart so it sure does happen!

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I guess it depends on why they left the person. If they left because they no longer loved the person, even got to dislike the person, and felt trapped with the person, they would feel relieved to be out of it, and probably not look back with fond memories. If they left because there were some issues going on which they thought best to be free of, yet still had feelings for the person, then maybe they would at times miss the person somewhat, but probably be more consumed by the new person. If the break up had been messy, with the dumped person putting up a fight, begging and crying and making them feel guilty, they would, again, probably feel relieved and would forget the person faster than if the person had been calm about the breakup.

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I think we are all generalizing. Some dumpers don't think about the person they chose to end it with. Whenever I end it with the guys I dated, I don't think about them anymore but that is because by the time I end it, I've tried everything to keep it alive or they do something truly heinous enough for me to never want to go back or contact them. And I have never left anyone for another person nor have I ever rebounded.


With the guys that end it with me, I can do the begging + crying and they all seem to come back whether or not if it is 1 year-2 years. It just depends on whether or not if your bond was strong or not, if they loved you, how much of an impact you had on their life, etc. And if you checked one of my threads, my ex left me for his * * * * of a coworker and he won't bloody stop contacting me. Even at the beginning of their relationship, he was still telling me he loves me and ignores her right in front of her face for me. So the only thing I can say is that there is no generalization for the dumper.

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