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Is he just not into me? is he afraid to make it into a serious relationship?


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Sometimes I wonder what is going on between me and my friend. We seem to get along pretty well and like a lot of the same things together. We've been hanging out a lot. But right now I am not sure if i should be hanging out with him. I didn't know him too well but we made out several times already. he's always been asking me are we just friends or r we something more? Always ask me if I am looking for a boyfriend and I said i don't know and he doesn't know if he wants a girlfriend or not. We just both said maybe not sure.


He asked me if he took me out to dinner would it sound like a date? And I said i don't know what you think? And he said yes it does. And he seemed scared to move on to the next step... which is date, relationship and marriage of course is out of the question for now. He doesn't seem to avoid me or ignore me when he sorta knows how I feel and I know he felt. he said he likes me sometimes and would think about me and I feel like at times I like him, at times I shouldn't, but I would also think also think about him.


he goes out and talks with other girls, but he never took me out on a dinner, but we did watch movies together, shopping, bicycling, grocery shopping, etc.. Talks to each other about every day, but he could also be talking to other girls too. We would also go to each other's too.


He told me he's more horny when he is alone with a girl and in the beginning he couldn't help it and we made out and he asked if I wanted to have sex and I said no unless we're both in a relationship. I;m not giving up my virginity if there's no commitment first. I don't think he is just looking for sex because he could do that with other girls and ignore me, but he hasn't done that. He respects my decision and continues to hang out with me .


Does he even like me or just looking for someone to hang out for his own convenience because we live one block away from each other, so its easy to call on me to do things.


Lately, he's been keeping his hands to himself and last time I was at his house nothing happened. He said he is trying very hard to control himself and before he wasn't taking it serious, but he is trying to now. So that we can still be friends and not ruin our relationship. He always says we should just stay friends so we won't complicate things. He said he's not ready to commit yet and has wandering eyes. I am ok with that, it takes me awhile to commit to someone and I have wandering eyes too, but I just don't make it so apparent as a guy does.


We both enjoy each others companies. Recently he said we've been hanging out a lot so now we're buddy buddy like sharing personal stuff with each other, watching movies, shopping, eating, etc...


One time, he did tell me he liked me but then probably just not enough and I also kinda like him but its not enough... I want to continue to hang out with him, but just wanna know if he is a little interested in me and probably just scared we might make it into a serious relationship?

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Well actually today, I don't know... I actually said that I will help him a hot date when we went clubbing with my friends and I pushed him toward this girl. I don't know what I am doing haha. I probably don't like him as much as I used to. hmmm if i don't have feelings him we can still have a no strings attached relationship right? haha

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