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Bank (odd) Question

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So I moved accross the country less then a year ago. Where I used to live I had an account at a small local bank that I neglected to close before I moved. My plan was to go back for a visit and close the account then. Well, long story short, that hasn't happened for a number of reasons. I checked the web site for the bank and it states that I can close the account by mail as long as the letter I send is signed and notarized.


My question is how I should frame the letter and if I should have the remaining funds sent directly to me or if there is away to transfer them into the account I have at my bank where I now live.


Anyone know?

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Its not difficult, call your bank and ask them for your account number and your routing number. Give that to your new bank. Find out how much money you have in the local bank and pull all of it out except the minimum required in the bank. I'd just leave it open with the minimum and let it chill, its not doing no harm, and then out of no where you'll have an extra 100 bucks if you need it. Or leave the minimum and then have the rest sent to you via check, that way all your bulk money is transferred electronically.

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