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Hi, I posted this in here as Im new here and dont know my way around.


I met a girl around 2 months ago, she has a young child from a previous relationship, and also has alot of baggage..has been treat like , cheated on, worse, etc.


When I met her she was lovely, bubbly, showed me alot of interest in fact maybe even too much too quick which made me worry about her, she made it clear she liked me, but she said now isnt the right time for anything serious due to other issues.. at the start I desperatley wanted to know where I stood with her and she felt I was pushing her for a decision, so I held back a little. Then gradually things have gone downhill, when I see her shes miserable, stressed as though she cant really be bothered to see me etc.. she wants/wanted to set me rules about what I do & how I am with other girls and says if I went off with someone else, she would never speak to me again, yet she says even though she wouldnt do anything behind my back, she has quite a few male 'friends' hanging around. I talked to a girl one night while she was there, and surprise surprise she lost it, I also said one night while I was drunk I did something I shouldnt of, and I think thats helped make the trust slowly vanish. But I sometimes feel she likes being single, having fun and keeping her options open, yet when shes down & depressed im there to pick up the pieces so to speak, while not letting me know what she wants or what I am to her.


Some days she shows interest and I think she likes me, other days though shes either not available, 'busy' or not very talkative and in general not herself.

I met her last week and while I was with her she then met up with one of her 'male friends'... and because I said he seemed a bit of an arsehole, she flipped saying I was being childish & hasnt been the same since. She has alot to deal with at the moment, and while I want her to know Im not like the past boyfriends shes had & she can trust me, I have to look out for myself, and sometimes feel shes playing with my emotions which is not fair...all of this while in reality, the nicer I am, the faster she will run...What should I do? Give her an ultimatum? give her space?

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