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Okay i'm confused..


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Alright, so this is linked to one of my other threads. I wen't to this one restaurant and one of the waitresses seemed pretty friendly almost flirty. Now I know SHE IS JUST DOING HER JOB SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FRIENDLY....But I got a weird confused vibe from the last 2 times I was there.


First time - I Wen't with my dad she was a server seemed friendly I cracked a little joke about the coffee pot cause she had to get another one, nothing to serious however my dad made a bunch of stupid jokes that made no sense.


Second time - I wen't with my mom and I noticed she kept glancing at me I would catch her looking, then she would look away seconds later she would look at me and I would look away we did that over and over again. NOTE: she was not my server this time. However in the end I wen't to pay and she was working the till. I asked if her dad was the owner, I had a bit of a slip up on that but she got a bit of a laugh, I asked her if she's gonna take over the restaurant simple stuff like that. I paid, smiled and left.


Third time - I was there with 2 co-workers (males) I took them out for dinner. Again she was not the server, however I did see her and she wasn't looking over she walked by and smiled once but it was smile "hello" and she wen't to serve the table behind us. And the whole time I was there I kept checking her out, however she didn't look my way, maybe twice.


So do you think I might have blown it from the second time when I talked to her ? OR is it cause I was with 2 other guys that might have intimated her ? I hear a lot of the times women feel comfortable when they see a guy chatting or surrounded by a few other women. So whats you'r take ? I'm confused. :s Thanks.

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Yes, you may have. I'm sure I also blew it with some guys by things I said or did. Even back in the old days it happened just the same way. Nothing has changed in that regard. I had dorky moments too when extremely attracted to a guy. The thing is, you will never know unless you ask.


True, however i did find her on facebook and her status says she's in a relationship and has the guys name, so i'm not sure she's still dating him or if they broke up but she hasn't changed her status :s

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