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Mixed signals from Ex ?

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We broke up 2 months ago and it was rough. He dumped me spur the moment because he planned to move to Europe. He got super depressed after the break, got into drugs and alcohol and got fired. Europe went down the drain, and he rebounded to a girl, which he hid from me. They dated 3 weeks and it was over. A week after their break he spoke of trying to get back together, but he just got lost once again. Said he needed to focus on himself, and he was in a loathing and self pity stage. He told me after the break I was an amazing girlfriend and the day after the break when he planned on going to Europe he told me he'd want to try when he got back.. A lotttt of mixed signals.. We are currently 1 1/2 weeks No Contact also.


I still have quite a few of his items and I told him to come pick them up almost 2 weeks ago, and he asked me why I was in such a rush..?

He also re added me on Facebook last week and then deactivated his account 3 days later, and he knows that's the only way we can contact one another?


Does he just need space to figure his life out and if I'm what he wants or what?

Any insights or suggestions would be great

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if you have the time to give him space and live your life then that is what I would do


cause it sounds to be like your ex is confused, play it cool and see what happens, don't presume you might work things out cause you will only be disapointed if you don't just see what happens, if its meant to be it will be



good luck

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Wow, I am sorry that you are having to go through all this. Sounds exhausting. Sounds like he really likes and would want to be with you. But it seems like he has some deep rooted problems that are beyond just your relationship. I would let him go and let him get himself together. Once he has figured out his life, and if you are still available, then maybe?

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I wish you could read your post as if it was someone else's.


He dumped you - so he's not really concerned about losing you.


He got depressed - you assume about the break up and losing you - but then why not come back?


He rebounded with someone else - instead of coming back to you.


He wants to try again when he gets back from Europe

- How long is he gone for?

- Cause he's not trying to shore up the relationship with you now to make sure you're still around when he gets back

- He's not suggesting a LDR to make sure you're still his girlfriend while he's still in Europe

- And you've got no guarantee that he'll still want to get back together when he gets back from Europe.


In fact, he's doesn't seem that bothered that you might find someone else while he's in Europe.


But at the moment he thinks you're still a sure thing.


I know you feel rejected and you want him back but you don't want someone who treats you like you're just an option. And quite frankly, once you get over the fact that you love this guy and this is the one you want, you'll be grateful you don't have to deal with all his issues.

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