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How I got my girlfriend to lose 50 pounds


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Hi everyone I've noticed that alot of guys would like for their girlfriends to lose weight. I personally have done it with my girlfriend and would like to share my story and answer any questions you may have. This is just a general overview so if you would like specific details just ask


It all started one day when my girlfriend and I were on the phone, and she was telling me how ugly and fat she was. She has said that she felt ugly and fat numerous times but this time I was tired of hearing her say that. I told her to do something about it and she responded well to that. I asked her why would she want to be thin and she gave me several reasons. I used those several reasons to paint a picture for her of how her life would look like if it was like that. That helped her become really inspired and motivated to want to lose weight. I was mostly concerned about her health because I know that there is a high risk of disease associated with being overweight. I read all the material on how to lose weight and gave her nuggets of wisdom whenever she needed them. I asked her what can she cut out of all the unhealthy things she was consuming and the first thing to go was soda. She then gradually gave up fast food and with those two changes alone she started losing weight without even trying. She started becoming even more excited about her progress and asked me how can she make it go faster. I told her to either start jogging outside or to join a gym. She joined the gym and has made significant progress doing so.


Here are 5 key reasons why I feel I was successful in doing this


1.Leadership- A woman is hardwired to respond to a man's leadership. You can't change someone without their help. I basically just facilitated the change while she actually made the changes that helped her lose the weight.


2.Looking out for her- My girlfriend knows I have her best interest at heart. My getting her to lose weight wasn't for me it was for her. I wanted her to become healthier because it would kill me to know that she developed a preventable disease. So when I make a suggestion to my girlfriend she implements it whenever she can.


3.Support- In the past before her and I met, she use to always try to lose weight and would succeed for a while but then quit because she didn't have the proper support. With me in her life she knows she can count on me and I give her all the support she could ever need, so she doesn't have a reason to quit.


4.Making better food choices- We don't eat out as much as we did before. When we do go out to eat we make healthier food choices.


5.Be active together- My girlfriend and I walk everywhere. We stay active by taking nice long brisk walks in different places and having different adventures every time. So we can get our exercise in while having a great time.


That is a general overview of my story of how I got her to do it and if you want more details just let me know. Hope you found it helpful.

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