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such a mess...


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Ok so here goes.... I have recently come back to the UK after being abroad for 18 months in america, which I loved. While I was there, I met this guy who became a really close friend of mine, we had so much fun hanging out, laughing, having fun, but there was never really anything in it, as we worked together, along with his girlfriend of 3 years. Anyway, I had to leave, so I went to south america for 6 months, and while I was there he use to call me quite a lot, just to talk and catch up, and have fun. Then I went back to america for a holiday before I went back to the UK, it was awesome to see him again and we had such a good time. Then his girlfriend just randomly broke up with him, he said they were done, she made him unhappy, and had been having problems for months. Me and him ended up having drunken sex that same night, and it wasn't really all too awkward the next day or anything. Then my last night, we all went out into town for my farewell party, as I had an early flight, we decided to just stay up so, after a fair bit of alcohol, we went back to his apartment, and spent hours laughing and talking, it was amazing. Then we had more sex, then when I had to leave he wouldn't let me leave....he told me I couldn't go, because then I would never see him again, and that couldn't happen. He said he loved me, and he couldn't be without me. We talked for ages, the most intense conversation, lying nose to nose, it was incredible. We just said how much we adored each other, I said I would come back in a couple of months....he didn't believe me. Anyway...he convinced me to just miss my flight home.....he said he would come with me in a few weeks, just needed to sell his stuff, sort out a passport, etc. So I missed it. Then He was on the phone, trying to sell all his stuff, phoning friends, saying he was coming to the UK...it was so crazy, I kept asking if he was just drunk, he swore he was sober. Anyway, he said he wasn't sure of going to england, so i said ok, I am just gonna get on another flight and go home tonight.....he tried to to get me to go somewhere else with him, just for a weeks holiday, it would have cost a fortune, although he offered to pay, it was so expensive. So I went home. This was 3 months ago, I tried to speak to him, and have had no response at all, but I know he is back with his girlfriend Really dn't know what to make of all this......any ideas??

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