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Why do I get upset if GF runs into an EX at Event?


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Should I be upset/why do I get upset?


My GF of 4 months who loves me is going to a football event at a bar on Sunday with her best friend. She told me that her ex most likely be there since that is where she met him and he goes there a lot. Her best friend and her have been going to this weekly football event for 4 years now during the football season. Basically, it is a bar that shows every football game that is being played on Sunday and people dress up in jerseys and stuff. Last January she met a guy there and they dated for 2 months. She said there was zero connection, they only kissed, and she broke up with him. She told me as a heads up that she might run into him at the event and I should not worry (since I will not be there). She said he will most likely try and say Hi to her. She said I have nothing to worry about.


So why do I worry so much about this ex potentially saying Hi to her? Should I be bothered about this? I didn't tell my gf that I was, I just agreed with what she was telling me and thanked her being so open.

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I just feel like he might try and talk to her and bother her. I trust her 100%.


Why get yourself all worked up and upset about things that may not happen, and things you cant control?


Either way, if he does try to talk to her, shes the one that controls the result, so part of you doenst trust her 100% or you wouldnt be worrying about this.

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