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traumatic end to beautiful love storey


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It was my medical college days that i dated her for 1 year .she was 2 year junior to me .we really got going togather nicely so we moved in togather for 3 more years.it was the most wonderful time of my life.the time ws so beautiful and the relationship grew so strong that we decided to marry and saw dreams of lifetime.i helped her a lot of time really.

in last days of my university i concentrated on my studies and i really topped my collage.still i gave her enough time and she appreciated it.i had to come back to home leavin her behind.she was shattered initially and called me cryin all the time .but within 1 month she developed habit of excess drinkin and started makin new frns which she never told me .i got a bit busy developin my career and i made sure that i make her realize i m doin it for her too.she also told me how much she love me .i trusted her more than any1 so i never interfere in her life givin her space to mature.slowly the frequency of calls decreased and it went unnoticed as i thought as it is international calls might be the bills are the reason.but still we talked and they were healthy.during the last days of the year she started ignoring me .i became conscious and started goin after her ..but last month she had pb with the family and she called me everyday.she came back and was normal with me .we had normal sex but within 10 days of that her attitude changed.she ignored all my calls and behave abnormally.she made me run after her quotin the family reason for her ignorance.then she broke up with me without sayin me any reason..


next day she said sorry for that and said she need time to think till the time she wanted to be my frn .she was takin to another guy from my college continously..i didnt understand anythin...she used me emotionally and financially in that period .i ws gettin nervous,confussed,and anxious.still she didnt care..even she made me look i ws a looser as i m useless and hv no fututre ..she told me you r not handsome anymore .i really hurt me ... so i decided to see her fb msg where i found she ws goin on with the other guy ..she was cheating on me and both of them didnt tell me instead fooled me for months..i let her go sayin nothin..she want to be a frn to me but i m not comfortable with her ..it is 3 months but i m not over it still...my life has just stopped ...it was such a strong relation that i think of her all day and night ..i cant study and my career is at a stand still for now..now she msg me that she do not want to comeback but want me to forgive her ..these things hurt me more..i could hv forgiven her to leave me with dignity but the way she used me ,broke me up when she knew i m gettin depressed i dont want to forgive her ......i dont wan her back in my life ....dont know how to get out off this trauma..the most beautiful memories are nightmares for me ...

plz guys if you hv found sm1 else you hv no right to drag your ex just to remove your confusion ...he is a human and he has emotions ..dont play with it...be clear to him and say sorry ..

dont know what to do plz help

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That's a tough spot man. I know you think what you had was strong but it didn't hold up to the distance you 2 had. She's obviously going thru a huge change as a person and I know it hurts but you're better off. She's not as strong as you. Do you really want a person like that? Tell her to stop contacting you and move on. Get some real separation from this and life will bring you what you really need. You just need to be ready for it. She isn't it. Just know that down the line something better is coming your way so start getting ready for it now by moving on.

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