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How do you start getting to KNOW someone?


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So I've been casually seeing this guy for a couple weeks now, and we always have something to talk about, which is really nice and not something I experience often! However, the things we talk about are usually superfluous and more like cutesy small talk and I've been wondering how I can turn the conversation to something deeper, so i can really get to know him? Or is this something that will just happen overtime?


I'm mostly asking this because I'm not good at having heart-to-hearts, therefore I don't know how to start them without the other person diving in first. Is there a way to do this without seeming like I'm prying/nosey? And without seeming weird?

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Let things happen naturally. Some people aren't the types to open the floodgates right away and they need time to feel comfortable talking about the more intimate details of their life. That kind of talk is something that two people who completely trust each other have...some are more trusting than others are. Time!

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