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Bridal/wedding party at the office


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I'm not sure where this would go, but a couple weeks ago at work they had a party for me in place of our morning meetings

since I am getting married soon. There was lots of food, a home made cake & a gift/gift card from whomever pitched in. It

was pretty awesome. They usually do this for people when events like this happens. I was wondering though, do I send a thank

you note out, or do I just don't send a thank you note at all? I did say thank you to everyone. If I do send a thank you, do I

give every person a card that signed my card, even if I don't know who all contributed to the gift or not. Would I make

a single thank you note or poster for everyone? Or, like stated earlier, do I just not worry about thank you notes?

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I would probably try to track down the planners of this event and send a thank you notes.


On one hand, I think thank you notes are awesome and try to do them as much as possible. However, if you send thank you notes to every single person for every kind gesture, I think it kinda rewards the note for you AND the recipients.


For example, if one or two people were in charge of doing most of the planning for your party thing at work I'm sure it'd make them feel more special and appreciated if they knew you took the time to send them a thank you note (and not everyone else, too). I think it's good to send them, just make sure you're getting them to people who actually put in work and effort.


My general rule of thumb is to give thank you notes to people who had to take time out of their actual day to do something for me - not just people who could have possibly signed that card randomly in 30 seconds at your office.

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