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She could be cheating!!!

this isnt good

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Hi everyone, i have a bit of a problem with my girlfriend of just over a year but although we are both now 21 we still havent had sex, although she has in a previous relationship.


Now here is the problem, we normally see eachother once a week but last week she was busy and couldnt see me but she did have time to go to the pub after work with a couple of work mates and this new guy she keeps going on about. Today she mentioned this new guy again and mentioned the big painting he has in his room and in my head i was thinking what the @~&$ is she doing in his room. She mentions him a bit when we meet up and i know they have hung out together.


Recently she has been going through a spell of texting me a bit more often and getting back to my messages. She even took me out to see a movie yestarday and we went out together the evening before that. She texts ocassionally on her phone maby once or twice when we are out but never says who she is texting and is always guarding her phone, although she has always been like that. Although she was covering her phone to make sure i couldnt see who she was texting.


I thought things seemed a bit odd and that she seemed to talk about this guy more than her other friends. This guy being a relatively new guy at her work. She hasnt heald my hand the past few times we have been out keeping her hands in her pocket saying that they will get cold if she takes them out.


This all seemed really susspicious to me so i got one of my friends to hack her bebo and found out she has been messaging this guy although nothing too flirty she did finish the messages off with a couple more kisses than i get, i normally get 4. I know it was wrong an broke the trust thing but i needed to know if i was being played. We had a long talk about the relationship a few weeks ago and she said that everything was ok and that there was nothing wrong. This came about because she wasnt getting back to my texts for about 4 days along with a few other things. I said that if there was something wrong and she wanted out then she was better just telling me rather than lead me on and she said that everything was good.


This to me all seems really suspicious behaviour and im not too sure what to make of it all and could really do with some other peoples oppinions and advice. And also if anyone has any ideas for signs to look out for if someone is cheating on you.



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