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Vision holding me back... again.


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So, I've been a temp at my current job for almost nine months... They have a policy that state they will either hire or let you go at 1000 hours. I'm almost at 2000 hours, and they haven't hired me, or even talked about it. I have been into HR trying to find out why, and never been given a reason. They just kept giving me the run around.


Today we had an employee meeting. I was in the break room when they were setting up for it, and I helped the HR director set up the chairs. He asked me how long I'd been there. I told him... and he was like "You've been here that long and you're still a temp?"


He said that's a problem and he would find out why by the end of the day and give me a straight answer.


Well, he did, and I wish I wouldn't have even gotten it...


He told me they haven't hired me (and won't hire me any time soon) because of my vision issues.


For those reading this who don't know... I have a pale octave nerve. My vision has suffered because of this to some degree. But the biggest thing is my tunnel vision. This is the one thing that has affected my life the most. I can't drive because of it, which has seriously limited my capabilities when it comes to getting a good job.


Please don't' reply and tell me to have laser surgery. Laser surgery won't help it. And don't reply and tell me it can be fixed. It can't. And, don't tell me to get my driver's license either. I can't. I've lived with this for 32 years. Believe me, if there was a way to fix it, I would know about it.


I was told that they are concerned about safety... And they weren't sure if I could see to read well enough to do paperwork. Also, they were under the impression that my vision was deteriorating, which it isn't.


I've done the job with no problems for nine months... now I'm being told I will never go further, and that I have to stay a temp.


He told me that if I can provide "substantial written proof from a doctor" that I am capable of performing the duties required, then they will *consider* hiring me.


I asked him "What if what the doctor says doesn't match what you want? Then I'm out of a job."


He said they would "figure something out" if that ended up being the case. Hello, I'm not stupid, I know they will fire me.


They have already given me one completely bogus write up... I think they are writing me up to try to get rid of me for other reasons beside many vision because they know if they fire me for my vision issues they can be sued.


My vision have never held me back from doing the job. I don't understand how they can do this.


Any advice? Should I get a lawyer? etc...

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