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Girl from class is maybe showing signs of Interest?


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So I mentioned this girl before on enf. I got her phone number because I asked her if she wanted to join my study group. Well, we texts each other only once and it was just to confirm dates of the study session.


So I finally saw her Monday (i came pretty dressed up) and and she started conversation with me about the topics we already discussed. I also said " yea i called my partner if he wanted to study but he couldnt so i had to study alone" she said "aww poor baby dont cry!" i lold. I also noticed this girl who sits next to me compliment me on my cardigan. So I noticed that the other girl was acting different like I caught her looking at me and I just glanced away and she came to my table and was asking for help on her already completed paper. She has 6 people in her group and she walked to my table which only has 3 people.


At the end of class I noticed she seemed like she was sticking around. So I got up from my chair cuz I was ready to leave. She stop me and told me "hey I was thinking maybe we should study closer to exam time" I said yeah that's a good idea and I walked with her out of school.


Next day I came kinda dressed up and when i saw her this time she was kinda dressed up. She had makeup on, straighten her hair, nice tight jeans, I was impressed cuz she never dresses like this. She saw me and she said " wow you match really well" I said "haha thanks" then she would whisper my name for help etc


So during lab she was having trouble with something and I walked over to her table and we went over some things but really I didn't know what she was doing she was just talking outloud to herself figuring out the answer. Once she did she was like yeah thanks so much!! I said " I didn't even do anything you figured it out yourself"! The she gives me a high five and said yeah future study buddies! And I gave her like a look and she said just kidding! And I said why do you have to be so mean! Jokingly and she laughed and said I don't know.


Anyway I felt more comfortable with her yesterday and everyday I have a feeling it's going to get better. We still don't text each other but I just don't feel on my part comfortable. Anyway, does she sound like she flirting /interested?

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