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Where did I go wrong with this girl?


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So I worked with this girl for about a month. We got along fine and had some nice chats. She quit though before I could get her number so I contacted her on Facebook, exchanged numbers and we agreed to hang out.


We went to the movies (I paid),then anoter day went bowling (I paid),then another day went to a movie and got ice cream after and talked in her car. WHile we walked up to the place to go inside she asked if I just wanted to get in her car and we could go somewhere else and eat the ice cream.I agreed and we did. She asked when the last time I had a gf was, and we chatted some more. I didnt make a move at all and 3 days later she texted me saying she thought it seemed like i wasnt interested in her. I told her I was and we hung out for a few more times andI asked her on a date to dinner and she said yes and we went and then she ended it when I asked her to be in a relationship and she said she didn't want to hang out with me anymore and to not text her?


I'm really confused because she told me she didn't think I was interested in her after we were in her car.Then I ask her out and she ends it between us. Al I can think is that she wanted to make out or something in her car, and when I didn't she got upset. Then when I asked her out, well I don't understand why she said no?


Anyone got an opinion?


Was she wanting me to make a move on her in her car?

Why did she say no to the relationship?

I understand she sai dnot to text her but it's been a few months. Should I contact her?

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Yes, you should have made at least a good kiss move.


You were moving too slow for her, she did not want to have to initiate all the affectionate contact.


You could but you would have to be less reserve if she decided to give you another chance.


I would think you two are not a good match. It seems she was want more affection than you were willing to give. You are focusing on the one thing but I bet she was wanting you to hold her hand, give a hug at greeting and put your arm around her in the movies. Unless you were really holding back I do not think she is compatible to you.

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