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1 month NC and ex calls.. arghhh

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Well its been 5 weeks since i started NC.. i never called her then i had a missed call from her today...


i was hoping not to hear from her ever or a long time...


i dont know what she would want.. prob to ease her guilt.. keep me around. i dont know..


being a decent human being wonder if i should call back to see whats up.. i have no hope or even want to get back with her..

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Ignore the call. It's hard, but for all we know it is just a test to see if you will return the call. Unless she leaves a urgent message, don't bother. She might say "oops, it was a butt dial." Or just to ask you some generic question.

This will go on for a little while...a call every month or so, then there will be nothing.


What happened with the bank woman???

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Call her if you want, but then you break all your hard-earned NC.


She probably just has that "itch" to call you. Don't call her back. You will go right back to square one.


im not gonna call her back.. if she wants she can call again..


but i know me not calling her will send her a message that im ignoring her for good and i dont care about her.. i do care..


its funny how little things like not calling back could put a wedge in us forever..

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Awww....all that advice and nothing.....

My ex has called me about 7 times in the last few months...usually just a missed call. How does he not know I am in an underground parking lot and never got the missed call?? If she actually wants you, she will find you.

If he really wanted me, he would text and say please pick up or something.


Im proud of my ability to not pick up. Dylan is absolutely right. You will regress if the call doesn't go as you wished.

This way, Im over it in a few hours....



At least keep your pride.

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See,curiosity killed the cat.


Whenever I had a missed call from him I would call back . It was always bad bad,just plaind bad for me. I felt awful.I felt like a booty call without the booty. How easy for him was to reel me out. That was in the beginning. The first month passed and I stopped returning calls. Sometimes I was taking a nap or watching TV and there it was -his name on the ID. It felt good ignoring it.


If she has anything to say ,she will find a way to say it.

Don't pursue it.

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