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I have 0 clue what this girl is doing


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So last year, this girl that lives in the same dorm as me gave me her number, without me asking. We started talking and I asked her out twice on a date but she rejected both times for various reasons. So I stopped talking to her as much, just a friendly thing here and there. Summer past and I never talked to her once


So this year, I have seen her a couple times and talked a little but nothing more, cause she "rejected me" twice


However, yesterday she started talking to me on chat. This is what happened: (Sorry if its long)



yeah. thats awesome

why do you look so different



compared to what?



last year



haha, uhh I didnt know, thought I always looked the same



idk you look different



I will take that as a compliment



yah i mean you look good you just look different haha

maybe its cause you're tan? are you tan? hahah did you get a different hair cut? did you lose weight? did you grow?



Ya, I lost a little weight and was in the sun all this summer. I did get a shorter haircut, so I guess so haha


I then proceeded to say that say she hasnt changed to me, maybe because I havent seen her that much this year and that we need to change that. She said obviously, so I asked her if she was free anytime soon. She never responded...


I honestly think this girl is doing it for attention but really? Is she trying this hard for attention or something else? I am so close to not talking to her again if she keep playing these games.


Please help. Thank you

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She's a flirt and is in it for the attention...much the same as many, many 20 something college girls. Best get used to this kind of thing.

My advice: don't take it all too seriously, don't be all "not talking to her again" type of thing, just go with the flow. Likely she has a number of guys circling around her like sharks waiting to see what happens, and fighting amongst each other and fretting, so either be one of those or don't. But don't be a "kitty" (you know the word I mean) about it. It's not a game what they do, it's life and they don't owe you or anybody anything, and they do it to keep you off balance and where they want you.

Play along if you want to, but don't insert your heart into this quite yet.

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