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Hi everyone!! Going through a bad patch alas , despite having a great weekend.


Boyfriend is going to a birthday party of the girl he lives with this weekend. He also announced that he is meeting up with an old work colleague that he worked with a few years ago. She emigrated to another country but is coming back for the wknd and asked to meet up with just him. Don't really know if there was anything between them, but I don't think so. He is combining meeting ex work colleague with the party of his roommate.


All this doesnt really bother me. He asked me to come along with him. Just posting here to get people opinions on what you think of this? Thanks

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You need to deal w/ your insecurities. Nothing going on. You live LD, and he has a female housemate, and female work colleagues. That is life. You just had a great weekend, he even invited you along, which proves there is nothing going on. Jealousy not necessary!!!

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