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Loving him could be bad for me.


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So basically i just turned 18 years old and for the past 4 years i have been committed to one guy and having sex with only him. I wish i could say the same about him but i just cant because i know he has been with multiple partners but i just cant get over him i love him sooo much, he is pretty much a part of the family. He grew up with my brothers and hes real close with them. He just turned 23 and we have been sneaking around my family members all these years just to be close and have sex. i really want to be with him. Just the other night i was a little intoxicated and i was pouring out all my feelings to him idk if that's bad but it happened then we had sex. I'm so scared something is going to happen between us. And I'm even more scared with what my family will say if they did find out, i just don't want to loose him. He had already promised me when i was 17 that when i turn 18 we would be together but i don't know how to approach him and ask him, any advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated.

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You know... this guy sounds pretty despicable.


Not only is he sleeping with others in addition to you... but (while I'm not a guy) - I'm pretty sure it's against "bro code" or "man code" to sleep with your buddy's sister without their knowledge and consent. And your brothers are supposed to be his good friends!! At the bear minimum (if the reason you are sneaking is because you have strict parents) - your brothers should know. The fact that your guy didn't feel the need to tell them (while he treats you shabbily) is extremely telling of his character.


Anyways... I'll lay off his character now.


What do you mean by you would "be" together? You would be monogomous? Tell your parents? Move in together? Get married?

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