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"The Buddy System" :)


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Hi all,


I've been through some rough times recently and the one thing I long for most is a kind ear from a friend or a shoulder to lean on..


I'm hoping that we can maybe come together a bit as a community and put our heads together to think of some positive things we can all do to help each other, whether it be finding kindred spirits on the forum and exchanging email addresses or MSN's for regular chats/checkups.. or whether it be finding interesting communities or website to lift spirits up..


I know I really need friends right now, and I am also willing to give friendship and support,

The one thing that makes painful times easier is to have someone to share with and know that you're not alone


I wish this could be posted in all forums, but for now, does anyone think this is a good idea to get some dialogue started?

Please let me know!

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