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will she talk to me ever again???

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Hello, im a 19 year old confused male, wondering what i should do!


Lets just say the greatest relationship of my life ended about a month ago. We dated for about 5 months and never had one problem! this girl is 18 years old and lived walking distance away from me. at first i didnt give her alot of attention, for example i wouldnt answer her texts right away so she would resend them etc.. she was totally in love with me. i was even the first one to sleep with her.


she started to grow on me and we always talked about how we would stay together when she went to uni. as soon as she left for uni she seemed to change and not want my attention as much, and she denied it. but i also went through troubles with my dad at this point so i felt like i needed her. i was in love with her. her uni was about 45 minutes away.


I became frustrated so i threatened to break up with her, she didnt take it so nicely, then two days later she broke up with me through texts. i told her she was the only one ive ever loved, she said the same back and i thanked her for the memories and told her it was time for me to move on. I was really hurt so i decided to start no contact, and i removed her number off my phone, deleted every picture and even deleted her off facebook so i didnt have to be reminded of her. its now been a month and i havent heard from her. will i ever?


i think her new university friends influenced her to make the decision she made. ive also been told she has pictures of us on facebook she hasnt deleted, when she deleted her and her exes before me right away! but she doesnt seem interested in talking to me because of the attention she gets from her new friends. i really dont get women sometimes

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I wouldn't count on it. I agree the university friends may have been a factor in this, but I think you may have over-reacted a bit when you noticed her not wanting your attention as much - she probably just didn't have the time she used to considering she was starting university and having to make lots of new friends and such.


She may have also been missing you, and by threatening to break up with her you may have done some serious damage to the relationship, something that she may have decided was too stressful to deal with given all the new things she was coping with and ended it not because she didn't care for you, but because she thought it would be good for her.


At this point I would say repair is a very realistic possibility, but deleting her from FB might have driven a nail into the coffin. I honestly can't even guess as to what her feelings may be towards you, and I am sorry if this possible interpretation of events shifts an unfair amount of blame on you, I am just trying to examine all the scenarios. The key question now is, do you think you have moved on, or are on the way to? Think about it, and if you still have strong feelings for her , try contacting her.

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i did overreact but thats because all of my stress got the best of me ast the same time. not only did she move away, i was put out of a home because my mother went after my father for money. my dad started drinking alot because of it, which i had no control over. Thats when i felt like i needed her by my side, it was a very lonely feeling. now i honestly dont care what happens between us as im getting better. basically i dont think i was in any position to be in any relationship during my struggle. but now i guess i might just add her on facebook. if she wants to talk to me she can.

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