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what is this guy's deal?


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so my "ex", i dont really consider him an ex since the relationship wasn't long. but i ended it with him for good, a couple times we hooked up i was stupid to believe that he could actually fall for me after a few hook ups and when he told me he wasnt interested in dating i said then forget the hooking up and everything because i want more than just sex, an actual relationship. well that ended then he ended up messaging me a while after that and i told him how i was seeing where things were going with this guy i met, we both want the same thing so we are seeing where its going, i told him since he asked how everything was. he ended the convo by "well we can be friends because i dont want this guy breaking your heart"...what i dont get is why would he care when he told me flat out all he wanted was sex. he told me he needed a lot of sex in order to think about dating so i said forget that not what i want and i told him flat out that we just wanted different things so its not going to work. luckily im over him now so its not causing problems with the current guy i have been hanging out with which is good since he is actually a decent and an amazing guy. but im just curious, why would he even care if this guy is "going to break my heart" when he claims all he wanted was sex in the first place... hopefully that made sense lol. but like i said im not at all interested in him anymore just curious what you all think ...thanks!

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