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When to ask her to meet up again?


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I've been talking to a girl on a dating site and I told her I would be interested in meeting up with her. She said she is timid about meeting people online and she would like to talk a bit more. I said that's fine and we have continued talking.


I'm wondering how long I should wait before mentioning it again? Or should I let her?


We were talking about Halloween things and I told her about how I usually go to a haunted hayrack ride with friends. Should I offer her an invitation something like "If you would be interested in going that would be great and feel free to come along" or should I not?


We haven' met yet so I would think meeting face to face just us two would be better? I'm just wondering when to being u the meeting topic again

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I would suggest a simple one-to-one meetup at a public venue during the day. If you're with a bunch of your friends, she's the odd one out and would probably feel uncomfortable.


Talking on the phone first is a great next step but don't go weeks and weeks without suggesting a meetup again. I like to send an invite that says I'll be at X this Friday at 8pm. You can call/text me at # if you'd like to meet me there. Then don't ask her about it again until she brings it up.

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