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Phone interview thoughts?

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I graduated college back in May and have been freelancing since then while also looking for jobs. I saw a job posting last Friday and it seemed to be a great fit for me. It's a tech support position relevant to my previous experience. I sent in a job application and was called back within a half hour of that. I was waiting for a new phone at the time and missed the call.


The guy called back yesterday and again it was at a time where I didn't have my phone on me (lesson learned). He sent an email asking when I would be available to talk, so I told him this morning anytime after 9. He called around 11 and we talked for probably about 8 or 9 minutes.


He asked if I was available immediately and whether or not I was still working at my last job. I told him I left the position back in May to seek a full-time job, and that I was available immediately. He asked me what my career goals were and I told him that I enjoy working with customers, and so tech support is where I want to be but eventually I want to move into systems administration-type work. He asked me why I wanted to work for his company and I said that I enjoy the tech support work that I was doing at my last job, and I looked at his company and saw the type of work they do. I mentioned that this work was similar to what I studied in one of my college classes and that I found the work to be very fascinating and something I would enjoy doing. He asked a few other questions about my experience and told me he was going to pass the resume on to the actual department for which I would be working and that they would call me. He asked what time would be good for me and I again told him any morning after 9am is fine. He said that they would be calling me back.


Some extra info: the guy I talked to is the COO of the company and has an HR background, so apparently he screens candidates and then decides whether or not to pass them on to whatever department. The business is legit and is relatively small (I researched all of this). Do you think it's a good sign that he's passing my resume on to the actual department and having them call me? I'm so nervous about this and badly want the job.

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I think it's a good sign, but they are probably going to check the sources you listed first. It may take a few days depending on how many applicants they have. Since you are available immediately that will be a plus, but this type of job is probably going to attract a lot of competition with so many unemployed out there.

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Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. He did mention that they're always looking for good people, and it's been hard to find them. I actually got that from him asking me what sort of salary I was looking for. I told him a very modest number (one that would at least pay the bills and leave a little left over money) and said that obviously because of the economy, I am very flexible in terms of salary. He replied that the economy is good, but that finding good employees is the tricky part and that many who are unemployed are that way because they weren't good enough at the job. I don't exactly agree with that, but I told him I definitely understood what he meant and the conversation continued on after that.


It would be quite nice to get this job as I've been without a solid job for 5 months now (and have been doing freelance work in the meantime--which is getting more and more unstable).

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