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This is one for the guys I think!


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I met this chap about 5 weeks ago at my local pub. We hit it off, exchanged numbers and arranged to see each other again the following weekend. We have been meeting up most weekends and doing dinner/drinks. We have not seen each other during the week yet. Mainly due to conflicting schedules and working overtime.


Things had been going well until Saturday just past when we went out for dinner in town. Now, not only did he change the plans 3 times in the space of one hour (times, location etc), but when we finally met up, he told me that he was hoping I'd like to meet his uncle as we were all going to be in the same area that night. Meeting a family member at the 5 week mark is a little full on for me and I would not expect that of him.


The week before that he was telling me that he would like to meet my mum when she comes out for xmas. So anyway, as you can imagine, in general, I thought this was going in the right direction.


So back to dinner.... For some reason I felt uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it was the fact he turned up reeking of booze, changed the plans on me 3 times or wanted me to meet his uncle. But I got to a stage where I just felt weird. Anyway, the tone of the night went from bad to worse and just close to midnight, I decided to pull the plug and head home. All I was thinking was that he was a little drunk, not making much sense and I better get out of there before it turned into a real drama.


Anyway, he sensed something was wrong as it's not my usual behaviour to call it a night and go home so early. So I get this text saying 'I didn't like how tonight ended, I like you. That's all I'm going to say. Good Night'. So that was sent to me later on once I was asleep. I woke up the next day and replied and said that it would be nice if we could meet up and talk just to clear the air. Anyway, he wrote back and went to town on me! He said he was done with me and that it was nice meeting me!! I didn't respond as I could tell he was angry. Anyway, the abusive texts kept coming, and coming and coming. Each more silly than the last. I wrote back at the end of the night and said that I was more than happy to talk and have no idea why it has escalated to this level. It seemed like he was looking for a reaction or he thought I was playing games. Anyway, yesterday past with no contact and I get to work this morning and there was a text from him saying 'I think it's best if we don't see each other anymore. There is no coming back from Saturday night' and blah blah blah.... I'm extremely confused by all of this and have no idea why he turned a mountain into a mole hill? Can anyone explain why going home early on Saturday night turned into him calling it quits and abusing me after only 5 weeks of knowing one another?

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