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Is there a major difference between these photos of myself??


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I'd appreciate some opinions on this.


By coincidence the angles/poses are similar in these pics. Simply put, all I need to know is which of these two photos I look better/more attractive in.

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Also the first photo is one year old, while the second is recent, so some physical change may have occurred.


Thank you.

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I would go with the first one. It has much better lighting. As far as looks/features go, you look pretty much the same. The only "pro" to the second picture is that you look a little happier and less stern. A well lit version of the second one with a similar expression would probably be ideal.


Although to be honest I am still a fan of that pic that you had in your profile quite a while ago, with you in the park wearing sunglasses. You should post that one too and ask for opinions. Wouldn't surprise me if it wins.

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Thank you for the opinions shared so far guys. Yes, I realize my expression is one of the major differences.


FathomFear, that is essentially what I need to know. That I don't look like a different person in the second pic (and I'd appreciate more thoughts on this).. I am not very fond of the second one, as I dislike what the lighting did. I think in general though, I have grown to prefer how I look in motion/on video while in a good light..


Frippy, can you elaborate on what you mean by 'more honest'?

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The lighting is better in the first, which to me at least makes it more appealing.


Though I think you should try a third with a smile, like someone else said. Even a smirk.... like you have an inside joke.


Kinda came to mind "U mad bro?" but I think that's the gamer geek in me. Heard that WAAAAY too many times.

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