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Being too nice?


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people tell me i'm really nice and beautiful (without being cocky) often, but with my friends or in relationships I feel like I'm too nice sometimes because I don't want them to think bad stuff about me. I am very sensitive and think a lot about other people so I like being nice. But don't want to be too nice! With my family, if something is wrong, I guess it's normal that you'll have fights or will be mad. But with friends, I don't like being mad or something.


Does it happen to you?

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It's something that most people go through while younger (and sometimes much older) and it's normal. As you get older you're going to realize that people aren't going to like you for things you have no control over...such as two personalities that simply do not mesh well together. Life is too short to make sure everyone loves you, eventually it gets tiresome and you focus on less people that know you or accept you without having to constantly make sure they like you...it's already a given even if you have a bad day or have an argument with them.


It's not a bad attitude you have at all, just don't think about it. If you get mad at someone (within reason) and they're your friend, they'll still be your friend tomorrow. Everyone is human, it's your friends and family/loved ones that accept that human part of you.

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I'm guessing that you are a woman and its natural for you to feel like you have to be nice to everybody. I'm a guy and I used to be like that too. My girlfriend hated it. So all I did was turn it down a notch. Today in school a person dropped their books and I was walking by and saw it happen and cought them befor they hit the ground. I do nice things for people all the time but I wont go out of my way to give my kidney to someone in need because its just too far. However, I dont think people will think bad things about you. You can be the nicest person in the world but you have to have a back bone and stand up for yourself. (something I even struggle with) but it will make people respect you.

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