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Can't get over my cheating ex

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My ex and I broke up two months because I found out that he cheated out. Normally, I am pretty resilient and bounce back after one month. This time, it seems like its taking me forever. All I think about is him and how much I want to be with him. He has tried to reconciled, but I am too much in pain to be back with him. Plus, he needs to feel the pain of losing me and suffer the consequences of what he did. Why can't I get over him? Right now, I just want to scream and cry. This anger and sadness all at once is too much to handle. Please anyone....help!!!!

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If you believe he is the one, and he really really is sorry for what he has done, why do kill yourself over it? If he really wants to be with you, then make him work for you. Say for example, go to couples counciling? Both of you see someone professionally and see if you two can really make things work. Youll know if he is saying things to make you happy or if he really means it.

You are trying to give him a lesson and at the same time its killing you. Talk things out, let him do all the talking and see for yourself. Again, make him earn you back.

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I am really sorry to know that you are going through this. I can imagine how you must be feeling because I went through a very similar situation 3 months ago.


As if it wasn't painful enough to lose a partner, we also have to deal with the pain of knowing that someone who we loved dearly, trusted, and respected betrayed us in such a horrible way, with little regard for our feelings or the pain that they would cause us. I don't know of any way to make the pain go away and it's going to suck for a while to be honest. But at least you can be sure that it will get better with time. It's really what's helped me the most.


And as for getting back together, There's a chance that things will never be the same and you won't be able to trust him. Be careful and take the time to really think things through. You don't want to give him another chance to break your heart. I'd say if he really wants you back, make him work (and hard) for it!

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