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Post Break Up Thoughts and Feelings

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Tomorrow will be 2 weeks of us being broken up. We dated for a year and things were good. We had our problems and she just didn't want to work through them. So she broke up with meThis hurt a lot. But these past two weeks I realized I was not the problem but it was her. She had low self esteem. Which hurt our relationship. I'm not to say that I did not have my moments of weakness but her low self-esteem caused us a lot of pain in the beginning from some bad choices that were made on her end.


Right now I'm focusing on me. I'm reading conversations with god and watching The Secret religiously.


She found out about me 'moving on' I've been flirting I've been talking to many people.


She thought I already had a new girlfriend and accused me of cheating on her and never really loving her.


I made my peace but I made it again. I had all the power to shut her down and tell her it was over but I assured her again...which I regret now but I will thank myself in the long run.


Anything nice I had to say about our relationship she responded with, 'k'


I did not apologize again because I have already accepted all that I did wrong and what she did was wrong.


I told her my love was real and that is the truth.


She is coming to get the rest of her stuff on Friday which will be left outside in a box.


I know she still cares why else would she still be getting jealous.


She just did not value our relationship as much as I did. But I am reading a lot of self-help books


I have not cried in 4 days and I do not feel like crying.


Keep your head up you broken hearted souls.


All you ever need is your self-love

and the right love will be attracted to you in return.


I believe we did have a good thing but her self love was not balanced with mine. Which is why she ran away to the proverbial greener side of the grass which would be the single life where she may meet her 'lover' of her 'dreams'


I already met mine, and that is me. The possibilities are endless.


Since the breakup I've joined a gym. I workout three times a week, I do the yoga class on wednesday's making it four times a week. I've joined an art club and another alliance.


I am going to be the best me ever and I will attract what is best for me in time.


For now have fun.


In the words of Pinocchio.


"I've got no strings

To hold me down

To make me fret, or make me frown

I had strings

But now I'm free

There are no strings on me


Hi-ho the me-ri-o

That's the only way to go

I want the world to know

Nothing ever worries me


One sheet music version prints the bridge as this stanza:

Hi-ho the me-ri-o

I'm as happy as can be

I want the world to know

Nothing ever worries me


I've got no strings

So I have fun

I'm not tied up to anyone

They've got strings

But you can see

There are no strings on me"

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