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Together for 6 1/2 Years, and all of a sudden its over.


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Me and my girlfriend were dating since we were 15, things were rocky at points but for the most part everything was great, we started to get in a bad way for a while and she completely blamed herself, saying that she needs to like herself again. Well two weeks ago she broke it off and within a week she got back with her ex (yeah i realize she was like 14 the last time she was together). So since that has happened I am attempting to branch out and talk to other girls but naturally I really have no game since i haven't dated in a really long time.


I'm not necessarily looking for advice here, just kinda looking for some support and trying to express my feelings because i have been keeping them inside this whole time and i'm trying to feel better.

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welcome. sorry to hear about your story. i'm going through the same thing.


although my relationship wasn't as long as yours; my lovely ex left me for her ex. She too lied about 'needing some time' and all those lies women say. Anyway, you've got my support - because i'm still looking for advice on how to cope myself.

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Sorry to hear of your break up.


Obviously, feelings are very raw right now. I don't think you should jump into anything with another girl this moment.


You need time to heal. Take things one step at a time. It won't be easy but you will be okay.


I reckon your ex is on the rebound with this guy she's now with. I don't think it will last long.


I don't know what else to say really, just that there are a lot of supportive people on here.

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Thank you, i do realize i shouldn't be moving on so fast, but its the only thing that really makes me feel better, whether that is right or wrong i'm not sure. Its just really hard because i never really was alone, i grew up with her. I'll go a few days feeling great and everything and then i'll just break down and not be able to function. I know things are going to get better its just the pain now sucks so bad.

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It will take time for the bad feelings to go away.


Do what you need to do to ease the hurt, just try not get yourself into too many situations which seemed perfect at the time, only to feel worse later on.

I'd like to say you won't get into those situations, but when we hurt, and are fresh out of a relationship, we do tend to do things which we do regret as we adjust to being by ourselves again.

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Its okay for what you are going thru. Believe me your 'game' is the last thing you need to worry about. You just need to go out and find yourself. Dont worry about your X, if she is happy or whatever. You dont know who you are yet. You have never been single in your adult world. Enjoy this time. Its like you are now free. You are only 21 or 22 and that is prime having fun age regardless of your 6.5 yr past.

this is your time now.

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