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I Lost a Good Friend And I WAnt Him Back. Help?


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I had a fight with this guy and hes younger than me, and hes a good friend. Anyways im not friends with him anymore and i kinda want him back

Anyways i have to explain how it al started and that. So if your willing to help me get my friend back, read on, cus its pretty a long story (well kinda).


So like me and my best friend plays this online game called "Combat Arms". Idk if any of you know that game but its pretty fun to play. Anyways there is also a messenger in the game, so like you can talk to other players like chatting with them; but u have to add them first.

Anyways one day while me and my friend were playing, she told me she had this kid at school who also plays combat arms and is very pro at it too. So like i met him later in the game. He was really nice to my friend so i added him to my friends list.He was younger than me(i was 16 hes 12) and he was really easy to talk to. I was friends with him easily and i asked my friend about him one day what he was like at school.


She told me he was really quiet at school and was really good at sports. (his name was Andy)I later found out a week later that he was really quiet at school and that he hanged out by himself by the science block. My friend called him a "loner". Anyways how i found out about Andy after my friend and him had a fight online. apparently while they had a little argument, my friend said to andy as her comebacks as "No wonder you had no friends" Andy got offended by this and reported her for profanity/harrasment. I told my friend to apologised to him and after a few complaints she did afterwards. They were friends again.


So your probably wondering why i want to know more about Andy and wanted to be close to him? Well thats cuz i used to be like him when i was around his age, so i understand whats it like. I was really mad at my friend for calling him names (about him having no friends) and all that cuz i know what it feels like if someone called me that. So like i was friends with Andy online. We talked and we were good friends. But we were more close and i talked to him that night about him at school.


Anyways i remember that night i asked was it true he hanged out by himself at school. He said yes, but he does have friends, but he doesnt hang out with them. I immediately know he was half lying, so i was like " Its ok. Tell me. i used to hang by myself at school too. theres nothing wrong with it."

He finally told me that "he used to have a bunch of friends in primary. But when he moved to highschool, there were too much people and it was hard to make friends." I told him a little about just talk at school and eventually u will find friends. He got annoyed of him asking to much. I guess he doesnt want to talk about it much. Anyways we started talking a few things about him and myself. I guess since this conversation we grew close.


After this convo, the next day, and onwards he would always messenged me first and alot, when ever im online. Usually he would message my friend first cus like they are both classmates. But now he would always talk to me first and talk to me more than to my friend. I suddenly want to know more about him so i added his facebook. Anyways we were good friends for two weeks.


Anyways near the end of holidays we kinda had a fight. He started saying bad stuff about me then deleted me off his messenger. I was kinda upset but i let it go. 1 hour later he whispered me(thats another way to communicate to them other than messenger. You dont need them to be on their friends list to do this)He said: ummmm... Im sorry for being a douche bag". I was like "fine w.e i forgive u."


Anyways ur probably bored of what im saying. My thingy is too long. So to make itshort, the next day i added him again after he apologised to me. We didnt talk at all. But then later he deleted me again, even though when my friend asked him was he angry at me or not. He would say no. But he deleted me off his friends list anyways. I havent talked to this kid for like since school started. I really missed him and i want to talk to him.


But if i talked to him again, what if he thinks im annoying and he deletes me again after i added him again. So like should i talk to him again or what? I mean i really want him to add me again without me adding me first. I even tried to find him in the gamerooms so we can play together and he would forgive me(even tho he said sorry to me first. WDF?)I also think i have little feelings4him




So like advice please? What should i do to get this friendship back? even tho it only lasted a month.

(no negtive comments please)

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Maybe you should try talking to him in person. maybe get your friend to get him out to see you and talk this over with both your friends.

LOL well we met online. only my friend knows him. they are in the same school. it would be weird if i have to meet him in person cus a. hes already angry with me and wouldnt want to meet me b. He doesnt live near me c. my friend and him arent really close or anything. they talk online alot but irl they rarely talk to each other

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well i was slack to him a little earlier . cus i kepi t being kicked in the game rooms(they thought i was hacking) anyways i got pissed. he stopped playing his game. went out to the game lobby and said like"LOL fail" and all that. i know he was just teasing me but i was pissed alot so i was like " f off! dont talk to me" and stuff... so yeah i guess he thinks i had anger issues at that time. >.> anyways later on when i played another game with him, he keeps saying this kid hacks and tries to kick the kid in the game. i told him to shutup. in a half joke way. anyways later he got kicked in the game room cuz he keeps harrassing people. he then messenged me saying stuff like ur not on my side, ive seen alot of people like u and started swearingat me. etc. so yeah he deleted me after this

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Methinks you two are taking gaming a little too seriously. A game shouldn't ruin a friendship, it should encourage it - that's one reason why this game was made. You might want to apologize to him about that time you were angry with him when he joked at you and explained that you meant to be joking like he was but didn't realize you were being a hypocrite. You were angry when he joked at you, and now he's angry you joked at him.Emphasize that you shouldn't have said 'Shutup" even when you meant to joke, b/c "Shutup" was too harsh. Then ask him for forgiveness and let bygones be bygones. I hope that helps.

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Well seriously. i posted another thread and all of them was like ditch him cuz hes not intrested anymore. and like he was so rude to me, said sorry to me. i forgived him then deleted me afterwards like how weird was that? if i said sorry to him im afriad that ill add him again then he will delete me once again. . and also its so awkward.. its makes me sound like i need him very much or something>.>

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Now it seems like there's a reason nobody approaches him as much. At least you tried to be a friend. Unfortunately, he doesn't appreciate it. Don't get caught into the negativity he embodies. He's not a worthy friend if he claims to accept you only to stab you in the back. I agree with the other people, ditch him. Friendship is a two-way. You've done your best, but he hadn't. It's, sadly, his loss. Maybe he'll wake up and ask to be your friend again someday. But until then, forget about him.

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