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Favourite breakup song/s

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Statistics show the music industry would go bankrupt if it didn't have any breakup songs. Just look back at all the chart toppers in the past 50 years. Myself, I find listening to these tunes very thereputic during my down times. So what is/are some of your fav songs when you're feeling the blues?


I'll start with mine:


Chicago - Hard Habit To Break


Gerry and the Pacemakers - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying


Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

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I find them exactly the same, guess it's the same reason I find this site so good relating with others going through the same thing. Breakup songs are just another level of this I suppose.


For me the whole Vaccines album is summing it up for me and it's something that I'm relating to.


If you want proper sad then I'd say Noah and the Whale's second album is where it's at.


Both great break up albums

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my friend when shes sad she needs anger music to make her feelings go all way out

eminem is recommended by her.


But seriously if im sad ill just listen to happy music bruh. to cheer myself up.

Show me the way - D-block and ste-fan

Cinemas - Skrillex remix

Wheres ur head at - jean elan remix

P.S ilove skillrex and techno

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I love this band called Bayside - especially good for guys that have had thier heart broken as the lead singer's lyrics and every single song is pretty much all about dealing with a broken heart. The albums from "Sirens and Condolences", "Bayside", and "The Walking Wounded" were released from 2004-2007 and are literally all about a relationship that ended.


If you don't have time to check them out, then just check out the acoustic version of this song - Bayside "Devotion and Desire" acoustic...awesome

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