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Her innocent words cut me like a knife.


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I have shared care with my 5yo daughter.


Last night she told me that she calls her grandmother "Mum" and that if I died she would laugh and if her grandmother died, she would cry.


It has ripped through my heart and brings a constant stream of tears to my eyes.


In one sentence, she destroyed my world........ my precious baby

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Oh my god, that's horrible. I would feel really bad too. But you have to remember she's only 5 years old and doesn't truly understand a lot of things yet.. you should take a 5 year old's words with a grain of salt. She might have just been mad at you about something silly that day, and tomorrow she will feel different.. or even the next HOUR she will feel different.. that's how kids are..

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Even though it's hard to remember at the time - bear this in mind.


Most young kids lash out at those they trust most not to abandon them, subconsciously. Because they know, deep down, no matter how ugly their words or actions, you will still love them and be there. So you end up taking the brunt, through the years, of fights with friends, breakups, bad days at school, and conflicts with other family members.


It still hurts, no matter what. But if it helps, if I had a nickel for every time my daughter screamed out how much she hated me, how she couldn't stand me, how ugly I was, etc through her childhood through teenage-hood - I'd be a millionaire. And now in her 20's, we're incredibly close. She's told me many times how bad she felt about it, even today, but that she was just so angry, and well - I was there.

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shes just a little kid she doesnt think or is responsible of what she is saying.


But u know kids. They are pretty honest on what they are saying. Maybe she is a little closer to her grandmother than u are to her? try to spend time with her a little everyday and like show her how much iu like her

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