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I know this is not normal..?


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Ive been with my boyfriend for about a year now and we live together.


Now, I know that someone who constantly has an uneasy feeling of jealousy that their partner is doing wrong such as cheating, or flirting, or talking with another person...is usually the one that is doing wrong. But I am not running around on him. I cannot stop thinking that he is going to leave me...


Its like I love him so much that I'm scared that I'm going to lose it.

It may not help that innocent "liking" and comments on his facebook urk me..


Like when he updates a status...he'll have 10 "likes" and they're all females. (PETTY I KNOW)



It could be low confidence... Its really hard and aggravating. I feel the urge to check his phone and check his email.. I don't because I feel like that it wrong.. Everyone need privacy. But everytime he looks on his phone I just get so ansy. =\ IT SUCKS.




How can I get over this?!

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Jezz, I've been here before. Taking the suspicion path never drops you off at the corner of trusting and happy. Ultimately, it could make a relationship deteriorate...and fast.


Does he give you any reason to believe he is doing something inappropriate? Does he check his phone constantly, hide it away, go out by himself with no real talk of his whereabouts? And what type of comments are left on his Facebook wall? If they truly are harmless and platonic things, I would let it go. It could be your insecurities showing themselves.

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He doesn't hide his phone from me. And he doesn't really go anywhere other than to work.

He hasn't given me any reason to suspect anything...I think I'm just insecure. And the facebook comments are platonic...It just seems like females are the only ones commenting or "liking"

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TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT. I had this issue recently with my husband. I flat-out told him how I felt, and I am glad I did. I think you should trust your gut, but go with the general feeling of it, don't try to determine specifics from it (i.e. it's telling you something is wrong, that doesn't mean he's about to leave.) We shouldn't get mad at our loved ones for expressing to us how they feel, regardless of whether or not we think they are "entitled" to feel that way. So you should be able to tell him how you feel, and if nothing else you might feel better getting it off your chest.


Routinely having wall posts "liked" exclusively by the opposite sex is weird. It's not petty to be bothered by it. Some guys are like that, though. I just looked at one friend of mine who has a similar situation. He's married but seems to have almost all female "likes," and the guy has an insane number of females on his friends list. (Literally a dozen Ambers, a dozen Amys, etc. I didn't get beyond the A's it was ridiculous.) I think this guy is a good, moral guy and possibly good husband material. However, I personally don't want a man with that many female friends. For this reason, I would never date him, regardless of what a great guy he is. So assuming your guy will never change, would you be cool with this for the rest of your life?

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