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Need some ideas for some good dates?


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Ive posted on here before about a girl i was crushing on, and weve been flirting for a while now ( at least i think; we laugh alot together, she smiles alot, is that flirting?)

Anywho im planning on asking her out soon, and i wanted some good ideas for cheap but memorable dates.

like, one of my ideas is to have a picnic at the end of an airplane strip, so we can watch the planes fly over.

Ideas like that.

Can also be expensive if its REALLY worth it.

Another idea i had for later on if things go well is a murder mystery dinner. Those always seemed fun.

Any ideas are accepted and appreciated. Thank you

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Let me get this right, you've not been on a proper date yet?


Ok, if not, then I don't think you should do anything "big" for the first date. Maybe a coffee then a walk in the park? (With a picnic?)


Afterwards, once you're both sure you want to date, then go out for long dinners and expensive dates.

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