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Sick with depression.


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It took me over a month to post this. I tried to ignore it. I honestly don't know how to vent this without sounding vain. So first let me state I have no self esteem. I feel ugly &I don't feel pretty. people have complimented me all my life but I never believed them. However my co workers seem to Women are mean to me at my job. I work in cosmetics and they gossip about me. It shouldnt but it hurts. They wont befriend me and keep me out their circles. Why am I being punished when I dont even see it?

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Listen to me for a second. Everyone is born with a 'given' body. You can't help being born female/male, ugly/pretty , handicapped or healthy. Stop blaming yourself for something you don't even have control over. That other people have biased and social embedded idea's over beauty is "their" problem. Ok you are exposed to them, you get nasty remarks towards you (most likely because they are just jealous) , but knowing the above , how much 'value' can you give to that?


Those people , you can't take their opinions serious. Why? Because they value you on outer appearances and not on who you really are. Imagine i say to you: omg you are such an ugly woman. Are you seriously going to put value on that? No, of course not, i don't even know you. And if i would say such a thing , then i would be the one with a problem, because i should have accepted and loved you unconditionally for the person who you are. Anyone who doesn't do the same, is simply not worth your time/attention, they go into the "dont care box" , why? Because you don't need people in your life who don't support you.Stop worrying as you always need to go for gold in your life, just knowing that certainty can make you achieve anything in your life. It is certain that everyone needs to move forward in life. Going backwards is no option, if you know that you can keep believing in yourself no matter what happens.


Ok, reality is that people are judged on their appearances , the more beautifull you are the more nice comments you get. Nice and shallow that life is right? What you do , is you just try to look as beautifull as you can be, and you try to focus on your inner goals and achieving them. What is it what you want to achieve in life?


Stop depending on what others say about you, and start defining your own life instead. YOU are the boss of your own life, what another person does or says (even if its about you) is not always of your concern.


and why don't you have any self esteem?

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I Honestly think I have a distorted view of my self. I dont like cosmetics at all. The women are catty clickish and fake. I am a humble person but I swear I hear the nasty slights. "well everyone cant be as "pretty" as you"/u look great today ".as usual" but trust me the tone behind these comments are so loaded. They all gang up and gossip about me too. Im a top sales person and I catch hell for this as well. Im sick of it. all my life ive had "few" friends. its lonely. its meangirls x9.

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ur not a hundred dollar bill, not everyone likes u. its just not u that has been gossipped at or disliked. Famous people are hated and gossiped too! Just ignore them. If they like keep saying it, go to their face and say stuff like"Were u just talking about me?" u gotta take a stand u know. People think its funny when they gossip about one perosn and they go all depressed. Life is hard out there u will meet all sorts of people ,. just like them. Not everyoine is like that tho. So talk or hang out with ur close friends. Say whats in ur mind and u will feel better xD

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