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Need Advice from male and female


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I am currently in a relationship,well engaged to be married next year in june.We met on an online dating site over a year ago and things have gone great since.I am very much in love with her and she says the same about me.


Here is what i need advice on..


The original site we met on i removed my profile,i found out after she didn't remove hers and she was still signing in onto the site,but she hasn't signed in over 3 months now,(a friend that is on the site told me).My suspicions got the best of me and i looked on another site that you don't have to sign up to search and i saw her profile,it had current age so it has to be fairly new because she just turned that age 6 months ago and it says she is single,looking for a relationship and her title says she is searching for her soulmate.She has been signing in on a regular basis.


My question is what should i do about it? shall i confront her and ask her what is going on? If i did that she would say i was spying on her and don't trust her and it could end everything and i really don't want that.I guess i am kind of spying on her but i needed to know before i make a mistake and get married.


What would you do?

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How is it that you've been exclusive from the beginning? This is unusual... usually you date other people for a while, until you are sure you want a committed relationship.

I'd have a talk with her because it sounds like maybe she's not on the same page as you.

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I would absolutely ask her about this. I agree that it can just be the site updating your age automatically (if your profile/account information is based on birthdate.) However....... signing in everyday???? that is very sketchy. You must ask about that. I would personally demand it be removed ASAP!

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How do you know she is signing in everyday? I keep myself signed into many sites, by that I mean I never log out. So it can show me as actually online but I am not. It sound sto me like you don't trust her and if that is the case then you need to sit down and have a serious chat with her before gettign married.

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i looked at my dating site profile in order to read messages my boyfriend sent me - sort of to reminisce about how we met. But that only lasted a few months. i would just ask, but then she can ask you "why were YOU on the dating site?" Also, beware of friends looking to just stir things up. When you ask her, don't b accusatory. wHY not just say "i was cleaning up all my spam email and still got some newsletter form the dating site i met on. i am glad i deleted my profile, otherwise who knows what i would be gtting." that will give her an opening to tell you she forgot to delete hers or whatever. or just ask

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