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Do I really need help???


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I'm a 25-year-old guy who is tired to be at home. I live with my parents and every time the fight I feel so bad even if it's not my fault. The reason is that my uncle lives downstairs and my parent led him believe that we are a happy family which is not true. I just feel so embarrassed that my uncle have to listen to all these argues which I would count one or two a day. This fights are also the reason why I never love to go home. Since school, I always tried to spend a lot of time out of home (at school, science academy etc) and this actually helped me out to excel at school. When I was at college, I used to spend the whole time at school studying, playing chess and also practicing sports. Even at college, I didnt have too many friend because I'm really shy. This is probably the reason I never get a girlfriend because I would feel embarrassed just with the idea that some day I will have to present her to my parents and they wil argue in front of her.


Now I just want to leave home and begin a peaceful life. However I don't want to led my parents with all the bills because the depend economically from me. I would really appreciate an advise in this moment.



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How much do they depend on you for finances? If you can allocate your income accordingly, you might be able to really minimize budget and total expenditure. Think you can find a roommate? It will cut the cost of living on your own by a lot. If you're planning on buying a house, renting it out is another great option with the right location.

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I think u have to talk to ur parents saying the fights are bothering u and doesnt solve anything. u can still pay their bills without living with them. Just sort it out with ur parents, see whats the prob and yeah. Look for a counsellor to talk to if problem keeps going on

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