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ex text me over 20 times last night

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my ex of 4.5 months has never drunk text me since we broke up. he has roughly text me once every couple of weeks saying nothing in particular (breadcrumbs) so we have basically been in NIC for a good while now.


Last night i was out with friends and he text me saying he was in my home town at a party with his friends. he has never texted me at the weekend since we broke up so this was unusual. i replied and we basically had some light chat about our nights out. he would text me twice before i would reply mostly. probably sent me around 20-25 texts in all. around 1am i switched my phone off and this morning had 4 texts from him. non of the texts were flirtatious, but he was mocking me in them which is what we used to do when we were together. some of the text were things like ''oi, are you still out?'' etc. which as i said, is unusual for him as he has not texted me in this way since we were together.


today (sobered up i assume) i have had a couple more light texts from him but i really dunno what to think.


is he just wanting attention or should i be reading into this more? i really cant tell at the moment

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