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Trying Different Cities For Dating


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I have the very good fortune to be able to make a good living working from home via the internet. I take advantage of this and visit different cities every few weeks. I sublet a space or get a hotel deal and try places on for size, always on the lookout for a city or town that I'd like to call my permanent home.


I used link removed and OKCupid as tests for the kinds of places that would be good for me to date in. I find that in certain cities I get absolutely zero attention, in others I get some attention, but there are are a couple of cities where I get dozens of very good looking dating contacts. I discovered what I think is the absolutely best dating city for me right now. I have a different date every night. I don't say this to brag and I know it will slow down. I'm just amazed at how un-dateable I felt in other places and how I'm having this amazing success here. I think I have clear proof that one just needs to find the right venue for oneself. The internet helps immensely!


There are other factors I consider in choosing the cities I try out, but obviously being able to date there is a huge consideration. No matter how perfect a town is otherwise, it will really stink if you just can't attract dating partners.

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I lived in the Mid West for a year or so and dating seems easy there. People weren't very picky. Plain looking people got dates all the time. I was born and raised in So Cal and it is tough for guys here. You have to have looks, money, and a great career to get the top notch women. I lived in the South for awhile and that seems about the best place to date. People were very open and friendly. I am a female and I have lived in all of these places and never had a problem dating, but for guys, I think the South is the best area.

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