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What can I do?


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I am dating with my girlfrienfd for 3 years. Everything was very good at the beginning, but with the passing of time I began to feel more in love and finally we got to that point when my girlfriend behave however she liked and I would still be by her side and always do whatever she wanted. Recently (3 months ago) we moved to New York from Moldova (our country in eastern Europe) to live with my father. Everything was good at the beginning up until that moment when my father's mate moved at his palce to live there for a little bit until she found a new apartment for rent. The problem is that she is a very inconvenient person and hard to live with. Besides that, she brought all her stuff with her in my father's 1 bedroom apartment and the whole house is a mess. Finally she found an apartment but she still did not move and my girlfriend started to become crazy. Yesterday she left and hanged out on the streets the whole night. She told me that if I did not throw all my father's girfirend stuff on the street I will never see her. I understand her becuase in Moldova she lived in better conditions, but at the same time I told her that I am not in such good relations with my father (as I do not live with him for 11 years and I am 22) to come at him and yell tell him to choose between me and his girfriend. I am a stranger to him and he is a stranger to me and I just came to New York in search of a better life, I did not come for him. My girfriend tells me I am a coward, and I do not know what to say as usually I fight for my rights but in this situation I do not feel like I have the right to do what she asks me. I told her lets move into another apartment, but she tells me that its too expensive and we can not afford. I even tried to tell her that I would work even at nights to have enough money but she still dose not listen. She left and after that she called me and told me that she does not want to se me again and that my whole familly is stupid and that she waste time with me for three years. What do you think??? What should I do?

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Hi! Thanks for your comment. I know you are right. However, it is very hard for me trying to forget her. I love her very much and I always did everything for her. Even the thought of going out with other girls make me sick. It just kills me from inside.


It doesn't 'kill' you, it makes you unhappy--two different things. A whole new world will open up for you when you decide that being someone's doormat is NOT good enough for you.


Respect your Self.

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