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Canada residency


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I am originally from Montreal.


Honestly? Immigration is complicated. It's slightly less strict if you immigrate through Quebec... but it's still complicated. I really think that you should go to the government website or call the call centre in order to get the correct information for your specific case. It all depends on whether you are already a resident (then I believe it's 6 months - 1 day), if you are going for residency (then it's a total of 1 year over 4 years), if you have a work visa, a student visa, a temporary visa, etc. It's really, really complicated. You are much better to just call them. That way, you won't take the wrong advice and end up with bad consequences.


The government website with contact info is here:

link removed


In terms of living there... well... do you know French? If you move to Montreal, you can pretty much get by day-to-day in English... but if you want a job, you need to know French. No question. Even for a McJob. Of course... if you are from Peru and you speak Spanish, I'm sure you'll pick it up fairly quickly.


Otherwise - I think it's a great place! It has a bit of European flair. The people are pretty warm. The climate is cold - lots of snow! What specifically would you like to know?


Good luck! Call immigration. They can tell you what you need to know.

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Hi Reddress thanks a lot for your answer!

I have writteng to the canadian embassy section dealing with consulate affair but the answer i got was to reffer me to the same page you gave me. In there i read that if i had a residence card i should complete 2 years within a 5 years lapse to keep my recidency.

I have been in montreal in february 2010 to activate my residency i have my residence card, as my ss card, but i didnt get my medical coverage because if i would and leave the country more than 6 months i would loose coverage for up to a year.

I had an ex girlfriend who travelled there and told me she thinks i lost my residency, but i have friends there who told me that i didnt.

im planning to go back there for good, since i finished all my issues here, but after what my ex told me i dont know what to do.

If i go in the worst case there would be an inquiry, and still could save my residency i think.

I loved Quebec and Canada hope i could get back.

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