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whats the best next move


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One of my friends came round the other night, we were very drunk and we had sex, not for the first time either.


There are a lot of girls who think the guy who i slept with wants to be in a relationship with me, but he's always seemed like he was sort of a player (I'm ok with that)


but when i was drunk i asked him if he fancied me & he said yes, he thinks I'm very attractive, nice, funny & he thinks it's cool that he can just talk to me like I'm one of his friends as he can't do this with other girls, then when i asked him if he thinks we should be in a relationship he said it was a bad time to ask as we were both so drunk.


should i try asking him again or should i forget it happened?

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He was in his right mind to recognize that he was drunk so he had a clear enough mind to have jumped at the chance to say yes, if the answer was yes. He was sober enough to know he was having sex with you, so he was sober enough to know if he wants a relationship with you..and clearly he doesn't. I would just let it go.

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