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I know i did the right thing buuuuuuttt....


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Because you want him to need you, you feel that he should be miserable without you. It is an ego kind of thing. Sometimes I secretly wish my ex to fall of the stair and break her neck. I hate it when she's out having fun with my money, car, and things I brought for her when we're together.


but now I don't care anymore. whenever I think of her, I go to the living run and play with the punching bag.

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until you see the persons for what they truly are instead of romanticizing about them. it took me a couple of years...but fortunately when I was suffering I didn't sit at home and cry my eyes out...no, I went to the gym, I run all day, Ii study philosophy, etc..I learn not to take life too seriously afterward. Now i am healthy as I can be. win/win.


it is ok to have all those negative feelings, but do something with it that will benefit you later.

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